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Holi in Jaipur

Holi, the Festival of Colours, is celebrated in the month of Phalgun on a full moon day, according to the lunar calendar and usually falls in the month of March. Phalgun is the month of spring in India. This year the festival of colors will be celebrated on March07 and 08, 2012. Holi is thus celebrated to mark the end of winter chill and the onset of summer. At this time, nature itself is also in full bloom; the flowers of India present a sight to behold. 

Traditionally, vegetable dyes have been used for colour, both dry and wet. Called Gulal and Abeer, the dry color is applied directly while wet colour is mixed in buckets full of water, in which friends are dunked. Accompanied by the sound of ‘Dhol’ (an Indian percussion instrument) and plenty of singing and dancing, Holi is the festival of merrymaking.

What is a festival without celebratory food? Holi also has certain special sweet and savoury dishes associated with it. Gujiya, Mathri and Papri is made especially for the occasion. Traditionally, consumption of intoxicating bhang is associated with the festival of Holi. Bhang can be consumed in the form of Thandai, a sweet drink or mixed inside the eatables. It is so much fun to watch the otherwise sober people making a clown of themselves in public.


Holi is also considered to be the day of friendship, when in keeping with the spirit of the day, people forget petty enmities and renew their friendship.

In Jaipur, Holi is the day for Elephant Festival on March07, involving elephant sports and noisy parades, music, folk theatre and dance performances…. The next day, mobs of people flood the streets, playing cymbals and singing songs. The merrymaking and riot of colors goes on till early afternoon. After some rest and cleaning up, evening is again the time to catch up with friends or to enjoy a performance.

You can also be a part of, and enjoy the galore of this colorful festival at Hotel Arya Niwas, Jaipur. Every Year a fabulous arrangement of the holi celebration is made at the hotel’s front garden premises. The rainbow of colors, streaking radiantly happy faces dancing people and a huge variety of festival cuisines are offered to experience on this fun filled day. Here we invite Rajasthani folk musicians and dancers, who encourage our guests to dance with them and enjoy!

Venturing on streets for longer time or alone might greet you with over-friendly people, so refrain from it.

And, Let the spirit of revelry overtake you when you visit Jaipur this spring and have a colorful time of your life with Arya Niwas Hotels. Embark on a beautiful Journey of Jaipur during Holi  and make the unforgettable memories! For Booking, Reservations and special tours to Rajasthan log on to, Send us mail to  or call us at +91 (141) 4073450,  +91 (141) 4073400, +91 (141) 2372456


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Run by the entire family, Arya Niwas opened its doors for guests in 1983. As no family member had any exposure to regular hotels & their operations; they did what they thought was right. 27 years later, it now has 92 rooms & 3 sister concerns.

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