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Art and Craft of Rajasthan at Arya Niwas Hotels, Jaipur!


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Rajasthan, where the tradition is given more value than any other thing. It can be seen immensely colored with men wearing Turbans of vivid attire and the women folk bejewelled with chunky silver ornaments all giving it the surname of a haute-culture atmosphere in the country of India. The royal Maharajas and the courts produced the finest musicians, architects, sculptures, artisans and writers. These great skilled men had left behind a legacy of art, craft and antique treasures that are the pride of Rajasthan today.

From the ravishing tie and die fabric, fine block printed textiles, soft silk to splendid furniture everything is the best. The lacquer & the filigree work, stones cut out very carefully and gems to ornate jewellery, the blue pottery all are enticing to the eyes. Kundan and Minakari enamelling in gold and silver jewellery, embroidered leather shoes or Juttis. In the craft makings the blue pottery, miniature Paintings, carpets, blankets, beautiful Trinkets are the glamorous wardrobe of the State of Rajasthan.

The jewellers of Jaipur are renowned all over the world. Silver, Gold works of the highest quality, Lac bangles are its special attractions. The Lac Bangles are believed to be worn as a good omen and available in many colours and design. Glass Bangles, Kundan and Minakari jewellery is the speciality of Jaipur city. Kundan, which is the art of setting precious stones in gold are also popular craft here. Jaipur houses a variety of emerald, garnet, ruby, amethyst, topaz and Lapiz lazuli. Jaipur carpets are too making a mark in the Indian Market as well as International. 

Hotel Arya Niwas, Jaipur boasts of a Souvenir shop with a wide collection of Rajasthani handicrafts, silver jewellery, paintings, carpets, cosmetics, books, etc. The shop is mentioned favorably in several guide books, especially for its fixed and fair prices.  You must visit this Souvenir Shop on your next visit to Jaipur and you would sure end up shopping a lot of stuff for yourself and your loved ones back home. There’s something for every one 🙂

For special tours to Rajasthan log on to, Send us mail to  or call us at +91 (141) 4073450,   +91 (141) 4073400,  +91 (141) 2372456


About aryaniwashotels

Run by the entire family, Arya Niwas opened its doors for guests in 1983. As no family member had any exposure to regular hotels & their operations; they did what they thought was right. 27 years later, it now has 92 rooms & 3 sister concerns.

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