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A Treasurer’s Trove: Wash Paintings!

It is said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. But after you take a look at master strokes of paintings made in ‘Wash Technique’ by Dr. Stuti Singhal, you would be bound to praise it!

Dr. Stuti’s father, Professor Sukhvir Singh Singhal was a renowned virtuoso of WASH technique. She imbibed art from her days in cradle and brushes became her best friend. Her dedication in this field opened the gates of Greece and Italy for her, where she received government scholarship to prosper her budding talent.

The finest quality of brushes, colors and handmade sheets imported from England makes each of painting stand out from rest.

The sketches are etched on paper, water colors then diligently filled in each design. The sheet is then sub merged in tub of water and this technique of adding color and its rendezvous with  water continues several times until the painting gets its final look.

All her paintings are a beautiful confluence of composition and emotions. Each portrait puts across a deep message or narrates a saga. Each painting crafts an enchanting image with pure exclusivity with simple details that cannot go unnoticed.

Mughal series of Dr. Stuti’s paintings  entail the difference between the spirit of Haridas ji, who sang for his deep love for lord Krishna and his disciple Tansen who sang for Lord Akbar for pure monetary benefits. Jahangir’s love for art, Shahjahan devotion for architecture and Aurangzeb inclination towards Islam has been beautifully depicted in her paintings.

Each creation is so lively; that you feel sheer poetry in every canvas!

“Fly or die” painting depicts similarity between a girls youth and ripening of crop from a father’s vision.  Social expressions like victory of good over evil, Gauna of Indian bride have been presented in a way like never before.

Most of her handiwork captures the beauty of bespoken Indian tradition and you wouldn’t be able to get free of their enchantment!

See these moments & emotions through Stuti Singhal’s art, with a special touch of wash technique. The exhibition is going on at Hotel Arya Niwas, Jaipur.


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Run by the entire family, Arya Niwas opened its doors for guests in 1983. As no family member had any exposure to regular hotels & their operations; they did what they thought was right. 27 years later, it now has 92 rooms & 3 sister concerns.

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