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If you are in Jaipur Check in Here!!! Guests’ review on Arya Niwas Hotels.

Dear friends, travelers, bloggers and guests.

Hope you all enjoy reading our blogs. Today we are sharing with you an overwhelming review of one of our guests.  This review, we found, is to the point, profound and straight from the heart of a truly delighted guest.  Here it goes unedited….

As I told you guys, I like to travel ( or sometime I have to !),
The next step would be surely which would describe my “Hotel experience” !
Why to start with worst experience …..

So I’ll share my best of Experience !
Note : 
Plszzzzz…. I am not Marketing / Advt. Agent for this Hotel, just my experience !

Hotel AryaNiwas
I have been to Jaipur twice , once with my parents and second time with office work.
For the first time I been there, it was due to my dad. Coz he has done all the bookings prior to our Rajasthan visit and on the next visit, office booked it coz I asked to !
And now whosoever is going to Jaipur, I ask them to check into AryaNiwas…(Plz do Advance Reservation , coz most of the time it’s FULL)
You’ll find mostly foreigners staying here !

Why I like it ?
For Everything , that I have listed Below !

Food : 
They have a good , open & clean cafeteria.
Food is yummy and very homely (PURE VEG).
Right from sabji to kheer !
They don’t have any fixed menu everyday. So food is always fresh.
Say if Dinner time starts at 8.30 p.m. then they place all the dishes on counter with tags. See yourself, ask them how they made it and then place a order.
They call you when food is ready. Self Service !
Food is good and there is good variety.
On my second visit, I used to have Coffee and small cake (order it first and get it )at 11p.m. in the garden, I loved it !

Price Range : 
Good ones for the services and cleanliness they provide.

Décor : 
It’s a renovated Haveli with quiet and good surroundings !
It has well maintained garden and gives you very comfort feeling.

Ideal for : 
Anybody & Everybody. Be it family, business trip, tourist or honeymoon couples !
(I am mentioning it here coz, review detail questions doesnot have suitable options)

Service : 
Service is good. Reception Counter is very attentive and helpful.

Other Counters :
1.     Business Counters : Internet, Fax, STD, ISD
2.     Travel Counters : Books, Maps
3.     Laundry
4.     Doctor on call ( Never used it !)
5.     And Etc. etc..

Awards : </>
At Reception counter , you can see awards & certificates … Hotel has received .. on State, Regional & National level.

This is what all I want to say….
For online Reservations, visit …
There you’ll get their Address and Telephone numbers.

Bye for now

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Thank you so much Rekha for such an inspiring and motivating Review. Many thanks to you for taking out the time to write a review, and also for the kind words. Wish to welcome you again. Soon!

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About aryaniwashotels

Run by the entire family, Arya Niwas opened its doors for guests in 1983. As no family member had any exposure to regular hotels & their operations; they did what they thought was right. 27 years later, it now has 92 rooms & 3 sister concerns.

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