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Introduce Yourself to the Beautiful Culture of Jaipur.

Jaipur is a culturally vibrant city. Culture is what people do and how they are. The culture of Jaipur is well blended with tradition and modern. Jaipur show colors of Rajasthan culture at one hand and cosmopolitan in the other.

Culture of Jaipur unfolds legacy of the royal past. It is important to know about traditions, culture and customs of Jaipur, the Pink city while planning to visit Jaipur. Despite conversion of Jaipur into a metropolitan one, the Royal city is still continuing with surprising traditions and customs of the old days. People of traditional Jaipur are simple, co-operative and peaceful. They are cultured, skilled and educated. Jaipur people are social as well as religious. Metropolitan culture could only change a little of this old tradition of this Royal city. Rural people are little different and look rugged in their appearance. They are well-built, simple and cheerful.  They come to Jaipur for various personal and commercial reasons such as business and shopping. One can find them walking on the streets and markets of Jaipur in typical Rajasthani dresses.  Men wearing turbans and women in ghagra-choli are a common view in Jaipur. Vibrant culture of Jaipur is also visible in local festivals and fairs.

Hotel Arya Niwas cordially invites you to Jaipur and experience this rich culture of royal Rajasthan.  Hotel Arya Niwas is a popular, family managed hotel located in the heart of Jaipur from where you can closely witness and experience the culture of Jaipur.  Arya Niwas is fully suited to help you meet the challenges of today, without missing the charm of a more gracious and elegant pace of life from a time gone by.

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Allow us to introduce you to the traditional culture of this beautiful city that resides in the culturally rich state called Rajasthan.


About aryaniwashotels

Run by the entire family, Arya Niwas opened its doors for guests in 1983. As no family member had any exposure to regular hotels & their operations; they did what they thought was right. 27 years later, it now has 92 rooms & 3 sister concerns.

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